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DiviniaSavant People Development triumphs – Ranked No. 1 in the World for Best Trainer

By Megan Du Triou

Johannesburg, South Africa – 10 December 2013 – Divinia Fernandes Esch, South African trainer and director of Savant People Development has been ranked No. 1 in the world for Best Contact Center Trainer at the Contact Center World Awards 2013.

Accepting the title at a gala dinner in Las Vegas just a few short weeks ago, Divinia, a learning development specialist and director of Savant People Development, is proud to have established her personal profile and credibility within the industry, both on a local and an international front, taking her company, to the number one spot in the world.

Savant People Development was established in 2011, and provides quality professional training and skills development, helping organizations to optimise performance and nurture growth. Savant focuses on selling skills training, with critical sales methodologies that improve performance, drive results, and support organizational strategies, as well as leadership development programmes, and a variety of structured experiential activities that focus on individual behaviour, positive and encouraging feedback, and the processing of data and psychological integration.

Divinia endured a rigorous screening and shortlisting process. What makes the selection process so formidable, and the award so coveted, is that competitors are not judged by a panel of vendors or sponsors – instead, their skills are scrutinized and voted on by industry peers. Across various categories this year, there were 1500 entrants from 50 countries worldwide. After triumphing at the Regional Awards in Vienna, Austria in July 2013, where Divinia successfully claimed the title of Best Contact Center Trainer in Europe, Middle East & Africa Region, she progressed to the final round of the Contact Center World Awards in Las Vegas, where she received top honours, ranking No.1 in the World for Best Trainer.

Having successfully trained employees at numerous national companies, Divinia makes skills development look easy. In just two short years, Savant’s unique experiential learning approach has positioned it as a major player in the highly competitive world of contact centre training. Divinia believes that the keys to successful practice are “measurement, sustainability, and shared organizational responsibility.”

Increasingly, global contact centres are choosing SA for outsourcing vital back-office services. The industry has grown by 30% each year over the last five years, and South African contact centres employ approximately 210,000 people. “The potential for South Africa to be industry leaders is clearly there,” says Divinia, “and developmental programmes can unlock South Africa’s human resources potential, which offers a considerable solution to unemployment.”

The desire to challenge the status quo, and surpass accepted standards is a lesson for all South African businesses. “Determination, authenticity to values, ethics and aspirations, passion, heart and soul, and striving to excel in the industry push me to establish myself by competing at events such as these,” says Divinia. “Peer leadership and engagement, along with continual personal development and learning is instrumental to success.”

When asked about how the award has impacted her personally, Divinia responded, “It’s always important in light of one’s successes to keep your feet firmly grounded. Winning is not everything, but the journey accompanied with experience means everything. Thinking that you’re the absolute best never leaves any room for improvement, and personal development is all about improvement.  The entire process has taught me that success comes from starting at the bottom, having the confidence, drive, determination, persistence and vision to overcome any obstacles, and welcoming opportunities that present themselves. I always remind myself of Margaret Thatcher’s words “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, then you aren’t.”

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