Miles Crisp 1

Miles Crisp,

Divinia’s Alchemy Program has fundamentally helped us with our succession planning, internal promotions, career planning and development of capable 2IC’s. The impact on our consistency and profit margins as well as general leadership behaviour has been significant.  Divinia’s personal passion and flair has contributed greatly to all of this."

CEO O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Rolan Moodley 2

Rolan Moodley,

Our biggest challenge was that there was no leadership capacity in order to grow and diversify our business. Alchemy has assisted in retaining our top performers in the business, but has also raised the bar for our current Leadership Team. It has provided individuals with something to strive towards.”

Call Center Head O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Imraan Bashir 3

Imraan Bashir,

Divinia has that rare combination of confidence and an unassuming nature. She is always very open to constructive criticism.

It is very rare to find a young individual with the strong sense of responsibility and professionalism that Divinia brings to the workplace along with her skills. Her warm smile, easygoing manner, and positive attitude add to her value."

Quality Improvement Manager O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Mpumi Otieno-Oyola 4

Mpumi Otieno-Oyola,

Divinia is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate their benefits. She has successfully developed several training solutions which have not only benefited our employees but our company as a whole."

Head of Training & Recruitment O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Patricia Rasmesi 5

Patricia Rasmesi,

I found Divinia to be a very organized individual- everything was always well prepared from the set up of the class to the material that she was training with.

As a Coach she was always involved and made her classes very interactive.

She is very approachable both in and out of class, hence I  always looked forward to her coaching sessions because I always walked away with new learnings.

Talking about having my potential unleashed,  I am currently the top Sales Manager this month in the company.  This can definitely be attributed to the fact that I took every tool that Divinia gave me and put it into use."

Sales Manager O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Abram Dludlu 6

Abram Dludlu,

I have been exposed to leadership learning lessons of Divinia through an Alchemy project and can unequivocally testify to her aptitude. She has an ability to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses and be very frank about these aspects for the benefit of her learners.

She is an individual that not only focuses on identifying learning opportunities but works towards unleashing leadership traits within her apprentices. She continuously keeps you engaged in her training lessons and promotes individuality. She has a great deal of patience, she is a good listener, is supportive and always leads towards achieving her training objectives. A good mentor.”

Quality Assurer O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Carol Hayman 7

Carol Hayman,

Divinia is a dedicated and focused professional with a very high work ethic and energetic approach. Her organizational skills are outstanding, her training and development knowledge excellent, and she in my experience always delivers on time. She constantly looks to self development and improvement. I recommend her as a highly talented training and development professional.”

Owner of The Professional Partnership Group

Keith Shane Rams 8

Keith Shane Rams,

I believe Divinia to be consistent, knowledgeable and her dedication and professionalism is always accompanied with a smile.

Besides being an absolute joy to work with, her ability to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits thereof was extremely beneficial to my call centre and this became evident in the performance improvement at consultant level as team leaders were able to transfer what they had learnt from the development sessions with Divinia. She has successfully developed several other Sales Managers in the overall business and this contributed immensely to an increase in overall revenue of the business as productivity increased.

Wide spread reviews, commentary and feedback was that the training sessions provided by Divinia were fun, whilst maintaining a mindfulness to creating lasting change.

I highly recommend Divinia. She is a team player and would be of great contribution and assist making a success to the learning needs of any organization."

Senior Sales Manager- Liquid Call Center O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Andrew Smith 9

Andrew Smith,

Divinia’s unique skill is to specialize in all phases of training, from design and development, facilitation, sales coaching and also programme assessment and review. She is without a doubt a self managed individual with very high standards. The numerous training awards she has won over the years is testimony to this. When dealing with Divinia you are dealing with one of the best in the world.

Being a perfectionist, Divinia never settles for merely “good.” The standard of her work is exceptional and the blueprint of her leadership programs is “excellence." Most important is Divinia’s desire to see people grow, develop and succeed. The professional conduct of Divinia is also a fantastic personal attribute. Divinia’s intellectual ability as well as her maturity and emotional intelligence is high.

Being the owner of Savant, she continues her passion within the training industry. Divinia has a unique ability to get things done due to her incredibly high work ethic. I would recommend Savant as one of my top 3 training providers. Her achievements in the past are a good indicator of what she will do in the future."

Training Manager O'Keeffe & Swartz Consultants

Eugene Nakedi 10

Eugene Nakedi,

I must congratulate Divinia on her preparation as well as her time management. She is definitely an asset.”
Call Center Agent iChoices

Lehakoe Lesetedi 11

Lehakoe Lesetedi,

The course was great and I loved the fact that it wasn’t one of those courses where all you do is listen to the facilitator. The course was engaging and Divinia was on top of her game throughout.”
Order Desk Consultant Whirlpool

Whirlpool Employee 12

Whirlpool Employee,

The course was interesting and fun. I am using the methods that were provided during the workshop, and they are working! "

Tebogo Mtetwa 13

Tebogo Mtetwa,

I learnt a lot and I am implementing my learning. The training was excellent. Keep doing what you are doing as you are great at it.”
Customer Service Consultant Whirlpool

Jill de Jesus 14

Jill de Jesus,

Divinia was very professional and well organized. I definitely benefited from the workshop and can apply the learning to my working and home environment. Thank you for an excellent workshop!”
Credit Controller Whirlpool

Aziza Bester 15

Aziza Bester,

Divinia is an excellent facilitator. She encouraged everyone to participate and share their views without us having to worry about the confidentiality of the discussion which really helped us to deal with issues that tend to affect our performance in the workplace.”
Finance Practitioner Whirlpool